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Wow risk taker. Do you have a small secondary of mostly black colors?

Teen Wolf Spoilers Ahead 

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Jennifer: I used the blood of your dead girlfriend in order to keep me alive and kill people, wanna hold hands? y/y?


There’s just some people on this planet that I want to suffer tbh. I have a very dark side fueled with an anger that I just can’t ignore. I’ve spent the majority of my life pretending it didn’t exist, burying it beneath smiles and tears. Everyone wants to see happiness from me but are content with sadness as second best, sorrow is more forgivable than vengeance.

Years  of suppressed anger, years of trying to be ‘good’ and do ‘the right’ thing as determined by others. Be kind. Be gentle. Be internally strong and unbreakable but externally be submissive, do as your told and everything will be fine eventually. Eventually.

Work with ‘white’ magic, avoid demons and ‘black’ magic. It’s all so laughable. How hard I tried to be nice, how many times I bit my tongue and let others walk over me. And this deep-seated anger in me now? I want to give into it; I want to mess peoples lives up and cause such severe chaos that they’re reeling. I want to be the dangerous person in the room. I want to be the predator not the prey. And that’s why I curse.

It’s one of those nights where I feel creative. That means I’m either going to re-inforce curses or write some fiction. 

I have yet to make up my mind. 

When someone follows you on your almost entirely neglected side blog meant for major personal posts- 


THERE’S NOTHING HERE FOR YOU FRIEND! What’re you doing????????? 

I wasn’t even done with dailies when it went down.


the moment the server gets back online